Foot Drop Group

Foot Drop is a support group. The goal of group is to share information, and connect with others dealing with foot drop. Foot Drop can be caused by stroke, back or spine injury and tumor.
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Hi all, I have now (thankfully!!!) fully recovered from my FD which was caused by a Neuropraxial crush injury to my peroneal nerve at Xma...
It is good to know that there is a current support group for foot drop. I was stopped in traffic in 2009 and rear ended, two days later ...
Hi everyone! I am currently designing a brace for foot drop. I began this project last year when I was astounded by the lack of design...
Has anyone tried the Step smart foot brace, it is pricey at $199 which works out at about £130. I have been looking at different foot br...
Hey yall, So Im a dissabled Navy Vet who had three ruptured disc in my back that damged the nerve and I have now had foot drop in my ...
Hello everyone. I was diagnosed with foot drop approx. 1year ago (2012). It is a result of overdoses of chemo Drugs followed by high dose...
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