Foot Drop Group

Foot Drop is a support group. The goal of group is to share information, and connect with others dealing with foot drop. Foot Drop can be caused by stroke, back or spine injury and tumor.
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Hello everyone. I am new to this group and something i dont normally get involved in. However when reading some of the posts from people ...
Hello, I a 31 yr old girl from Scotland. I had an accident in Dec 2011 where glass cut the back of my thigh above my right knee and ever...
so, i've been a little under 2 months now and it was my good leg. my right leg's knee is giving me fits even before the foot drop. so f...
If you have foot drop, what style of AFO are you wearing? A) anterior B)posterior C) articulated (hinged) D) Toe-0ff
Is there pain with foot drop? I'm having some severe pain on the top of my left foot that seems to be causing my foot to become weak or ...
Hello, I've just found this forum and would like some advice please. I had a tumour removed from my pelvis at the end of September 2011...
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