For Those Feeling Spaced Out Group

A group for those who constantly feel "spaced out", "in a dream", "always drunk" or just "not with it". It's a hard and confusing feeling to describe but these all are very accurate descriptions of how I have felt 24/7 for the past 8 years. This is a feeling that for me personally has never gone away, although sometimes it's more tolerable than others. I have come across hundreds of other individuals in my years of research who share in these unique and unexplainable symptoms. Most often, other symptoms accompany the spaced out feeling such as feeling dizzy, disoriented, off balance, head pressure and various others. This is a group that will allow us all to interact with each other, share our feelings, ideas, tests we have had, things that have helped, what we know, or what we don't know... basically anything that helps us cope and keep hope in finding answers.
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This is a place for new members to introduce themselves and post their stories as to how it all began for you, the symptoms you experienc...
I have been experiencing for 4 weeks head pressure, pressure in my ears, and nose. I feel unbalanced and like I am walking around in a fo...
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