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Gallbladder Community

Hi there, I'm 39, I'm 5ft 10", and have not had weight problems and have enjoyed a balanced diet all my life. In 1999 after the birth of...
Hii, My father is diagnosed with 2 polyps in gall bladder in a routine ultrasound size 2.5cm . He didn't had any symptoms. The doctor...
I have a constant pain on right side of stomach. It feels like something is in there. Ultrasound shows everything fine possible sludge in...
50 year old female( a lot of us here),generaly has had good health.been overweight past 20 years.I have had a few attacks,had usound,cats...
is it possible to have stones in bile ducts even after getting the gallbladder removed I'm having upper central quadrant pains just like ...
So my son who will be 13 on the 27th of this month who by the way is very healthy and physically active on the regular. But began suddenl...
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