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i recently did an endoscopy due to the sleeve surgery in preparing for ... my results came in as ... localized mild congested mucousa...
Hi ! Im a male of 40 years old. 3 weeks ago i’ve consulted my doctor about abdominal and back pain and because smelly fart. My abdominal...
Hi i have a possible hiata hernia,i keep of late though getting an overwhelming feeling like i am going into a state of shock like i have...
Hi for the last year I have some painful stomach pains after meals. I also feel extremely bloated and have difficulty breath after meals....
I have had stomach problems for years. I was diagnosed with IBS years ago and I have had my gall bladder removed. I get nauseous very eas...
I recently started out having abdominal pain, and muscle like pain, loose stool, with black like specks.. Only medication I recently took...
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