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I was diagnosised with a spastic colon when I was 19 and for yrs have had spells off and on but nothing to debilitating. 2 yrs ago I went...
hi my name is Manish. I am now suffering for almost all stomach problems for a long time, around 9 months. About my history, after a drin...
My boyfriend mid forties has been diagnosed with stomach cancer stage II three tumors. Currently receiving chemotherapy injections. He di...
Lately I have not had much of an an appetite. For a small window I can feel myself be a bit hungry but then it closes and doesn't come ba...
Chronic dry mouth and throat. Now having some issues with phelgm. Often loose my voice. Numerous tests and biopsies by ENT and Gastro do...
My brother in law was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer. He has a grapefruit sized tumor in his stomach and also a tumor in his sma...
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