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I had a bad tooth so the dentist put me on an anti biotic very strong one..Then I got a stomach bug I guess, I started having loose stool...
I get these weird gasping for air/hiccups (its like the first part of a hiccup most of the time, just a feeling to get air, I don't feel ...
Hello All, I have been taking generic viagra (bluechew) for about 9 months. About 3 months ago I started getting really upset stomach,...
Been having yellow oily stools nearly everyday for a year. Celiac disease was negative and liver ultrasound was fine. Stuck what to do an...
I was a 35 yr old very healthy male. In Nov 2019 somehow i contracted ecoli and cdiff at the same time. Was on antibiotics for 2 weeks ...
Everytime that I eat, but mostly after dinner my stomach gets bloated and crampy and my intestines feel like they are rock hard right und...
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