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I have had Sepsis, went into Septic Shock, I spent 3 weeks in an Induced Coma, and 5 weeks in ICU, after 6 months in Hospital I finally g...
My grandma is getting on a little bit now, but she is quite stubborn so she won't accept any help and she won't ever consider going into ...
I just returned home on March 14th after a 7 day stay in our local hospital. When I was admitted by my physician for pneumonia I had a f...
My B6 levels are twice higher than the upper limit even so I'm not taking any supplement. I'm suffering from the following symptoms: Ti...
Can Plavix contribute to confusion and forgetfulness in the elderly? Synopsis: Every time Plavix is removed from my mother-in-law in ...
Hi my friend had an accident and she got 5 fractures below her hip. she is 76 year old. Doctors did the surgeries and put the rods in. Af...
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