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My grandfather passed away on September 7, 2019. He was suffering from "dementia" even though he was never tested for it. The doctor simp...
Some history: My 74 year old mother who has been very healthy her whole life, was diagnosed as having high blood pressure (160's/90's) ...
Male, 75, non-smoker. My husband has barely been eating for the past three days. He says he can't hold the food down and that he feel...
Two months home from the hospital and still experience headache and weird tingling feeling sometime in the left side of my face. Is this...
hello, my mother suffers from depression and anxiety. lately she has been hallucinating. she had some episodes last summer during away ...
Recently my mother is diagnosed with a cataract, we have taken 3 opinions regarding whether to proceed with surgery or not, 2 doctors sai...
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