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My endocrinologist did a number of blood tests to find the reason for my osteoporosis. During the tests, I ended up with an elevated uric...
I've had GOUT for 7 yrs with attacks every 6 months until last year. Started with 100mg allopurnol last summer. All was quite. Dec had ...
I have uric acid level at 8.8 mg/dl. Rest all parameters are fine except for cholesterol on high level. My weight is 83.1 and my height i...
Hi all, I was an active user in MedHellp until 2009 because I have a severe HCV from Blood Infusion after an injury on 1982. Fortun...
If this ache in my big toe is gout, how do I get rid of it?
Have tried w roti prata and mutton curry and there is immediate reaction to my swollen ankle. Thus no no to mutton curry
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