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Hi All, GP Has prescribed allopurinal 100mg tablets for me, and recommended that I start on a small dose and build up Anyways, I to...
I went to the urgent care dept of Kaiser Permanente on 4/20/12 with pain in my left foot, again, between the top of the arch and bottom o...
I've been having a lot of aching and pain in my legs, mostly in the calf region, front and back. We did blood work and it showed my magne...
I'm a 49 yr old post menopausal woman, 5.5" tall and weigh 80kg. Last evening,inner side of my left ankle developed severe pain.On examin...
My mother have severe swelling and pain in the primary toe of her left foot and in the ankle joint of her right foot. I am presently givi...
In 2006 I suffered from intense pain in the ankle at night - which kept me awake. Blood tests (Uric acid) had no significant reading. M...
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