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After all the emergency room visits - the paracenteses, the banding of his varices, the spontaneous bacterial peritonitis, his last stage...
Last year my 37 year old dad was diagnosed with cancer and after watching him suffer and lay in a coma for weeks he passed in January. S...
Since his deathbI can't eat without getting sick. I also sleep all day. The other day I had a panic attack so bad that I was passing out...
I feel horrible about the time leading up to my cat's death. She was 15-16, and we'd always been so close. She was my baby. I referred to...
I recently suffered the tragic loss of my dear mother not too long ago. I have since been placed in the center of dramatic life chang...
I lost my only child only 6 months ago, he was 21. Died from a gunshot to the head, while I was in the next room. I found him....My heart...
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