GroupTrack Challenge: We're Going Gluten Free! Group

Welcome to our Gluten-Free GroupTrack Challenge! Together, we'll see if we can feel better. Looking forward to seeing you all soon! . (* Please check with your physician before changing your diet)
NOTE from GroupTrack 5/5/11: In conjunction with the Thyroid Disorders Community, and any other interested members or Communities, let's...
I never thought about going gluten free until my brother called earlier this year to say he had stopped eating it and felt much better. ...
I just wanted to pass on some of my favorite Gluten free finds. I am trying to eat mostly fresh veggies, fruit, eggs, & proteins. Somet...
Post your favorite Gluten-Free Recipes here! http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/Gastroenterology/Gluten-Free-Recipes/show/1228?cid=57 ...
When I think of gluten I think of wheat, so does this mean stay away from whole grains? How can I tell if I am intolerant or not? My hu...
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