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This forum is for questions and support regarding gynecology issues such as: Cervical Disorders, Colposcopy, Cramps, Cystitis, Fallopian Tube Disorders, Menstruation, Ovarian Disorders, PAP Test, Pelvic Exam, PID, PMS, Surgery, Tests, Ultrasound, Uterine Disorders, Vaginal Disorders.
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For about a year now I've been having a pasty white discharge that sometimes can smell weird. I haven't had pains or spotting and I'm on ...
Good afternoon, I KNOW that this will sound really irrational, and uneducated, I am completely aware, but when you are afraid, rationalit...
I was 5 week pregnant last month n I had miscarriage on 24Jan and I want get pregnant but I miss my periods many time .... in tat I can h...
For over a week now I have experienced pain/twinges on my left ovary which sometimes radiates to my lower back. A day after these feeling...
I do not have an uterus,But I am having cervic cramps.It feels like I am going to have a period ,but that is not possible.I still have my...
I need some answers because after sex it hurt a d i was bleeding and im on depo vera and is not sure what fk do it hurts when i urinate p...
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