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This forum is for questions and discussions relating to HIV exposure and risks, living with HIV, HIV prevention, HIV testing, HIV transmission, HIV treatment. All questions will be answered by a medical expert from FreedomHealth.
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I am currently very worried about my HIV status. I would like to receive your opinion about my chances to be positive. I had an unprot...
Hi dr Sean, could you please answer my question. 3 weeks ago I had to inspect a drug rehab clinic and while there I shook hands with 2 wo...
hello I am male 34y old. I had picked up a female CSW in Singapore, it was one of the expensive escort girl type places not a str...
I am from asia, 23 years old sorry for my bad english .. I have active in hetero sexual since feb 2012 , until october 2013. I ...
Dear Dr, I am a white heterosexual female. This week I had sex with a white heterosexual male (from Scotland, who is not bi- or homose...
Hello Doctors and thank you in advance, I recently visited an escort that I have seen a few times, she is Romanian, living in London and...
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