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This forum is limited to prevention of HIV and to safe sex in general. All questions will be answered by H. Hunter Handsfield, M.D. or Edward W Hook, MD.
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Dear Dr HH/EWH, First I appreciate the great work you are doing in this forum. Now coming back to my incident, I am really worried...
I had a high risk exposure Oct 31st, 2013. Condom was used but person ejaculated inside me and I never saw the condom. I had several ...
Hello I was shaving at a barber shop (they have private rooms) and the barber cut me while shaving but i am not concerned because he had...
hey dr. H about 13 weeks ago i had protected vaginal sex with a girl and unprotected oral sex 6 weeks after that encounter i felt the fol...
Hi Doc , I had a protected vaginal sex but unprotected insertive fellatio on 3rd March 2013 with a call girl in a message parlour . A...
Hello, 2 days ago, in an inebriated state, I made the mistake of sleeping with a prostitute. I received oral from her with a condom on, ...
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