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HIV * Living With * Forum

This is a forum for individuals who have been diagnosed with HIV. Here patients are welcome to ask a question about HIV and receive an answer from a leading medical expert. You will also be able to find others who share your interest in living with HIV for the purpose of sharing information and support. If you have NOT been diagnosed with HIV, please visit our HIV Prevention Forum or our Living With HIV Community or our HIV Prevention Community.
Hi , during July 2013 I had flu like symptoms which lasted about 2weeks. I was tested for HIV at the beginning of August and the result w...
I had neuro syphilis (rash, lost some hearing stage 2 i believe it was) about 2 years ago and went on atripla at that time. There was a f...
Hi, Thanks for taking time to read my post and help address my questions. I am a gay male who has recently been "diagnosed" with HIV ...
Hello, I am 25 years old and HIV positive since Aug 2012. The infection has been detected during the first weeks of a primary infection. ...
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