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This is a community for those who have HIV/AIDS, and for family and friends impacted by it. This community is not monitored by medical professionals. All questions and comments. posted in the patient to patient forums are provided by individual visitors who are NOT MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS.. Under NO circumstances should you act on any advice or opinion posted in any of MedHelp’s communities without first consulting your medical provider. If you have questions regarding your risk for HIV, please visit our HIV Prevention Community.
Hi, This community is for members who are HIV+ living with AIDS, and their friends and/or families. While someone who has a condition ...
I am a gay male. I have recently started seeing someone who is HIV+, but undetectable. Recently, we noticed he had a couple of internal a...
Anyone from London and living with it?
I am HIV positive, but my virus load is "0". When I play with a little boy that he suddenly bite my lips then I fell so hurt and push hi...
Dear Doctor, I am writing you from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I have 20 years and I have HIV positive person. I drink medicines already 4 mo...
I'm wondering how long people usually wait for their specialty pharmacy to notify the doctor if a patient can be admitted or send them to...
I'm gay(BTM), a HIV carrier.After 2 years of medicine, the CD4 is 660 cells/ul and HIV viral load is less than 40 copies/ml.My boyfriend ...
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