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HIV - Prevention Forum

This forum is limited to prevention of HIV and to safe sex in general. All questions will be answered by H. Hunter Handsfield, M.D. or Edward W Hook, MD.
Dear Dr Hook, I am 24 years old living in the UK. I have had protected oral (her to me) and vaginal sex (me to her) with an escort ab...
So I cheated on my gf with a guy. I had unprotected receptive anal sex with him, I don't think he ejaculated in me because I pulled away ...
This forum is limited to prevention of HIV and to safe sex in general. If you believe you might have been exposed to HIV and want help to...
Hello Dr, I did a stupid and most biggest mistake in my life and had a less than 5 min exposure with a woman of unknown status. Risk i...
Dear Doctor, I'm male from Jakarta, Indonesia. On 9 April I got message by a nude lady (unknown HIV status), she gave me unprotected oral...
Hello doctor, About 5 week's ago I had protected vaginal sex with random girl, just met. During the intercourse at one point when I re...
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