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Perhaps im being paranoid but would like to know what the chances are of getting infected through re-used gloves. Went to get my blood...
Does Semen or Vaginal fluids transmit HIV if these touched bleeding cut, ulcers, sores or wounds?
Hello Everyone, I'm a 35 year old male -On Sept. 6th I went down on a female (Cunnilingus) for approximately 5 mins. I'll be honest, s...
I had unprotected sex with a girl on Jan 31. It was just for 4 min. On March 21 I had rash near eye, nose and upper side of left palm. I...
My english is very bad so I'll be not able to depicts it in exact words. I was in my frnd house with his family. At night I was sleeping ...
Two weeks ago I engaged in unprotected anal sex with another man. He did not cum inside me; however, there may have been some pre-cum--wh...
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