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Firstly Thanks a lot to all of youbfor your help during the past ten years. I used to come to you every second month after any sort of ex...
I had a non penetrative intercourse with a sex worker who wasn't circumcised but no apparent cuts or sores were visible. I gave and recei...
I met a male of unknown status in a well known gay crusing area. He wanted to BB but I said no and Insisted on a condom. I was the recept...
Hi, I would like to ask if there is any risk of having semen in mouth for a few secs but spat it out real quick?
Will I get hiv from a cotton ball that has fresh hiv blood on it applied on the needle wound made during blood draw? Say it's applied in ...
After using PEP for 3 hours, I rinsed my mouth with Listerine but did not rinse my mouth with water. I found that Listerine contains alco...
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