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You may be exposed to HIV if you: 1) Have unprotected (no condom) penetrative anal or vaginal sex, OR 2) Share IV drug equipment with o...
Are antibodies always after 90 days of the last exposure detectable? No matter what illness the personas has? I have read somewhere that...
i started working as a consultant for HIV-Info-Organisation in germany. we help people who have questions about HIv. I've seen curfewy'...
Is there a risk for hiv transmission from body fluids while removing a condom after sex. Can I get fluid from the outside of condom on e...
Hi Sir/Mam. I had a brief oral sex exposure where the guy came in my mouth and in probably less than a minute I spat it out. I had 2 c...
are antibodies always detectable? like if a person had some exposures and does an antibody test after 7 months of the last exposures and ...
Hi everyone, I am a software engineer and use laptop that connect to monitor every day like 14 hours per day While working on lapto...
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