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Hi, So on thursday I was with a transvestite sex worker. There was no sex involved. She rimmed my anus for a good while and also gave...
Three days ago i had an encounter who asserted himself clean and got tested 4 weeks ago , i was the btm during that time and got maybe 5...
Exactly 16 days ago, I visited an escort and had protected sex with her. I made sure that the condoms were intact. But I had cunnilingus ...
So this is a weird situation but a friend of an unknown HIV status squeezed my cheek quite hard and her fingernail somehow scratched part...
Hello everyone, I'm not sexually active at all And when I do I always use protection, Any way 2 days ago I was in dubai and I meet a gi...
Last night I had a sexual encounter with a CSW and she offered to go without a condom. Like an idiot I went for it. I never do that sort ...
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