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This HIV Community is a place to discuss HIV prevention, risk assessment and testing based upon the criteria established by experts in th...
Today while cleaning home got paper cut which bled (4-5 drops) when I squeezed it. I went out immediately to pick up mail that was delive...
I had What started as protected sex for a bit then a brief unprotected vaginal sex and unprotected oral both ways with a female who told ...
I am bisexual male ,multiple exposures with male/female . All my exposures limited to frottage (penile- penile/anal/vagina) dry humping (...
I received a blow job from a sex worker with a condom on.It lasted for a few seconds.I ejaculated in the condom in her mouth.I also kisse...
Dear Dr, Good Afternoon 1 Just have a veginal sex unprotected with a spa girl have 3 generation hiv test s d bioline 3.0 at 4 weeks,5...
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