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I am wondering if i am alone out here. As anyone else with Rheumatoid Arthritis I have a laundry list of ailments and medications all managed by my fabulous Rheumatologist...*insert thank you note here** I have gone through some phases so far of this disease: Denial (which was silly and quickly had 3 Dr.s all agreeing that I need to start RA meds), Confusion, resolved with Education, Depression (caused by the Education), now I am nearing Acceptance. Anyone else out there? I am only 27.. just doesn't seem fair. I know neither is life, however, why is it that no one understands my constant pain? Why do people think i am in a bad mood when i forget to wear my mask? its not that i promise it's only the 10 new nodules on my hands, the redness, the fevers, sleepless nights, the swelling, the embarrassment of not being able to move my hands or feet or shoulder or neck! Cant they see I tried to put on my mask today, its just that my hands stopped working half way to the finish line! Please if I am not alone here I'd love to hear your story of your mask that you put on everyday.
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