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I am hoping those folks who had Harrington rod instrumentation for scoliosis and are at least 20 years post-op will join me. I have scoliosis and surgery with Harrington rods (T2-L2) July of 1975 at the University of Pennsylvania. At 40 years of age, 1997, I started experiencing back pain culminating in herniated and bulging disks below the fusion.In July of 2012 I had a TLIF fusion.There has been no bony union at the site. There is a gap in the research regarding people with long term fusions and the impact of the Harrington rod specifically in the practical aspects of their lives.I am seeking folks who might be willing to work me to develop a survey for us, publish it and try to get more awareness and support as we struggle to stay independent and functioning. Thank you, Lynne
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