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First off a little run through of my past symptoms. I went to my GP complaining of a burning throat and wheezing so i was placed on Omep...
Hi, I was wondering if anyone could suggest a reason why I am experiencing prolonged headaches. I recently moved to another countr...
What exactly is a tumor that is on the outside of the skull called, why does it ache all the time, I am constantly rubbing that part of m...
I've read Thornwaldt cyst is midline. Can a Thornwaldt cyst be on one side? Could it be something else? I've suffered with an intractabl...
I am getting sinus pain and 'puffiness' with both eyes. Also terrible ear pressure and ringing. So far I've had little nasal discharge, b...
I was diagnosed with Cancer in 2005. My Cancer was in the Nasal Pharnyx area. It was large B cell Stage 4. I have had Radiation and Chem...
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