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Welcome to the International Headaches Forum. This forum is for questions pertaining to the diagnosis and treatment of headaches caused by allergies, cluster headaches, cranial neuralgia, diet and headaches, exertion headaches, facial pain, migraine headaches, occipital headaches, primary headaches, tension headaches and weekend headaches.
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Can depression cause a daily headache which is not a migraine and not a tension headache but rather a slight fogginess, and sensitivity ...
Hi...I am a 41year old healthy female. For the past 2 weeks I get this throbbing pain on the top of my head on the right side at the sam...
Any help given would be greatly appreciated. Age 12 I began having severe HAs included light & sound sensitivity. These HAs occurred ...
I've been having constant headaches for more than a month...it has been a major hindrance in my life... Every single day, I will have ...
I'm a 43-year old male who is not new to headaches. I can't remember when I first got them, because they were fairly uneventful and seem...
Since almost a year I have been having occasional dizzy spells. When I say dizzy, it is not the room rotating feeling, but rather, feelin...
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