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Health Insurance Forum

This forum is for questions and support regarding health insurance issues such as Medicare, Medicaid, Long-term health insurance, COBRA, insurance portability.
Im male 21 living in Garden Grove CA. I have some lumps in my chest, a mole that's irregular and an area of skin that's not necessarily a...
Hello. I am a physician in a singapore hospital and yesterday i received a man that i will treat for a state mental impairment. Without h...
My husband is retiring and will be on Medicare. However I'm younger than him and don't qualify. I am a healthy 48 y.o. non-smoker and am...
I just found out i am pregant about 6 weeks i would say and we have no insurance right now my husbands insurance doesnt take place until ...
So I'm about to get health insurance for the first time, soon. I had a quick question about smoking. I've only smoked for the past month ...
Hello everyone. I need some suggestion on an affordable health insurance that doesn't look at pre existing conditions. I've had svt for 2...
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