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Everyone has a guardian angel, since birth. I got lucky and found out my angel's name. When in pain and want to heal, call upon the higher helpers. When calling their names; Michael, pronounce it: Mic a 'el, Gabri 'el, Rapha' el and Metatron. Get mad with them talk to them like you would your friend (you leave out all the s and f words not necessary) Tell them you want example to finally be able to stop taking a pain pill. Don't ask for the impossible! Another place to go is: braco-tv.net and buy a "gazing" you will understand. It takes time, not over night. Look for your meetup.com groups near you and try to find an "Order of Angels" meetings, go with an open mind. Be amazed that what you thought (really thought is true). Examine this - your being - your life. Have you tried every diet in the world and nothing has worked, you thinking about surgery? STOP TRY THIS! thinkandlose.com !!!! Buy the discs listen to it a couple of times and be amazed...
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