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This group is for moms. We'll discuss here how we maintain a healthy lifestyle for ourselves and our families. We're too tired to exercise, the house is falling apart and we just finished up our kids mac and cheese that they didn't eat. Our waist is growing and sometimes we feel like our brain is shrinking. What can we do about it? Let's share ideas of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle as a MOM putting family first but ourselves and our heath as a close second. Would love ideas from others and to share my own so we can all be our BEST selves.
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I need ideas for some dinner meals that fit into healthy eating! any suggestions?
So, fast food sure is convenient and CAN taste pretty good but not so great for us. So, do you think fast food should be banned?
This is a question to think about--- what makes for a really good friend in your opinion? I need someone to be solid and present. ...
So, do you consider getting all dolled up and sexy for your partner a labor of love with emphasis on the labor or the love part? Is ...
Has anybody here tried the Cardiff adjustable roller skates for adults? They fit over your shoes? I'm debating on getting myself a pair...
I have friends that are mamas who claim they were never baby people. How about you?
So, what do you feel is most important?
What kind of device do you use for med help--- mobile, computer, tablet? How did you find med help and what has made you stick around? ...
I don't know what it is about 2:00 but when the clock strikes there, I start to drag. A pick me up snack at that time is essential. Wha...
So, I feel like we've been pretty lucky that we haven't had a pandemic of monumental proportions. And I always worry about 'what if'. Y...
So, packing in nutrients was a key reason these fruits made the list. 1. lemons 2. strawberries 3. oranges 4. limes 5. grapefruit ...
So, I really struggle some days doing the heavy duty clean up required to keep my house in order. I find I am cleaning the same things ...
What is your best exercise tip to share for busy moms?
This is a place to share a good recipe you've tried recently!
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