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I can't find out what this means online and my PCP is away. I had a transthoracic echo done 21/2 weeks ago and the trech coded the tec...
My svt always starts with a strange feeling in cartilage in jugular notch. A light spasm maybe Feels like heart wants to stop but it must...
I have an abdomen implanted pacemaker, it’s getting replaced in the same spot 6 days before my band concert. I play French horn if that’s...
About a month ago my heart started skipping beats or pausing, then it will pump hard and go back to normal, this happens through out the ...
My PRT axes# are 64 23 29. I have seen numbers 66 18 44. Why are mine different? Should i be concerned?
10 years ago I had a stent put into my LAD. Everything has been good ever since. In fact for the last 10 years I have been more fit and e...
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