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My cardiologist recommended I get on metropolol. My blood pressure, cholesterol and pulse are all normal and I have no chest pains, short...
My daughter, who is 11, had some blood work and an Ekg done recently because of some migraines and a fainting episode. The Ekg came back ...
Female here. Had an EKG last week. I was wearing a dress and pantyhose. The tech told me I didn’t have to remove my clothimg or necklac...
Hi, My husband has been admitted to hospital with Pneumonia. The chest x-rays have also shown that his heart is double the size it shou...
I had a chest x-ray done today after I was involved in a car accident and the doctors told me that it showed a slightly enlarged heart. ...
I am a 24 year old male. For almost 2 years I've been dealing with muscle tension, body aches, head pressure, chest pain, erectile dy...
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