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I went to the doctor after having a "heaviness" or "tightness" in my chest for a week or so. I also had developed a slight shortness of ...
my baby is 6 months now and was born without a sternum - his doctors want to add a piece of metal to top of ribs to hold them together un...
My heart has a ticking clock noise. It gets very loud when my heart is beating very fast. Kind of sounds like it is coming out of my mout...
I'm 42 yr old male (6'2", 95kg). Recently I had acquired a smartwatch which has continuous heart rate monitor. The readings show resting ...
So my dad 61 y.o. is diagnosed with arryhthmia and mild mitral insufficiency and moderate tricuspid insufficiency. He doesnt have s...
I have a weird question. has anyone noticed they have increased palpatations/heart flutters during allergy season. I'm a 50 year old m...
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