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Hello, I am a 40 year old female. 114lbs, and for a few years I have been having elevated heart rate. Back then I didn't take by pulse, ...
Hi! 36 years old male. Former smoker. Former CrossFit enthusiast. Is a BNP level of 29 something to worry about or watch? Rece...
Ok so I came across this site 9 years ago when my husband was diagnosed with HOCM. A few years later, at the suggestion of his cardiologi...
I am 46 yrs. old. I have high blood pressure. My doctor has changed my bp medicine twice & next week I am to see a cardiologist. My blood...
I have a weird question. has anyone noticed they have increased palpatations/heart flutters during allergy season. I'm a 50 year old m...
I have a history of SVT (AVNRT) and Pacs/PVCs. If you have any type of arrhythmia, what has your experience been with the the COVID-19 Va...
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