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My daughter was diagnosed with Orthostatic hypotension. She is in the middle of a growth spurt and is 13 years old. She gets dizzy upon s...
I’m 20 years old, healthy, but experiencing heart problems. It started about two years ago. I went to a cardiologist who could only tell ...
i took 3 vyvanse 70 mg in the morning then 2 more 12 hours later that was 4 days ago my heart is still pounding and hurting and is off ry...
I had my sternum removed after heart bypass with complications. I feel pain all the time and every time a move my body cracks shifts and ...
My stent in a small artery keeps collapsing. Just wondering if pericarditis can cause this to happen? Any ideas on what can be done here?
I have pulmonary hypertension due to a heart defect called aortopulmonary window. I take letairis (ambrisentan) once a day. Sometimes I m...
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