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My husband had a stent placed a little over 2 weeks ago. He took Prilosec OTC once a day prior to his heart attack for heartburn/reflux. ...
I posted a long time ago about a pulse-linked clicking/popping noise I sometimes hear when reclining (in bed or armchair). Heart murmur? ...
I've had 2 doc's say that stress causes anxiety and anxiety, wakes you up in middle of night making you think your goinhg to die of heart...
In its simplest form (no complication needed), If I’m able to feel the pulse at a given pulse point (for example, my feet), does that mea...
ECG values or numbers unsure of what they mean. The PRT axis numbers were 66-18-44. What is PRT axis? ECG said abnormal and a mention of ...
I have read to keep the heart rate below 100 while healing from pericarditis and effusion. My heart rate rockets up to 140 when I stand...
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