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WELCOME TO THE HEART DISEASE FORUM! Were you recently diagnosed with heart disease? Are you worried about your cholesterol levels? ...
Greetings, I was diagnosed with MVP in 1980 while in the US Navy. Since then, echocardiograms show Mitral Regurgitation. My symptoms wh...
Hello, I have had recent chest pain, short breathe and BP all over the place way high then dropping. I have had a echo come back abnormal...
i am 42 years old a female & i have now for about 8 months experiencing something very scary some how my systems wakes me up in the middl...
so I got my husbands stress test results back and I have called his cardiologist several times and have not gotten a call back. this is h...
my husband had nuclear medicine stress test Narrative ยท Normal Nuclear Perfusion scan in stress and rest images. No evidence for stres...
Jan ekg and cardiac labs normal Diagnosed with gastritis w/bleeds Pain behind sternum again today Blood pressure normal 110/70 Pulse ...
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