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I am 65 and take metoprolol (25 mg) for a fast heart rate. I went hiking this week and my heart rate was still running around 170. Is t...
I have a weird question. has anyone noticed they have increased palpatations/heart flutters during allergy season. I'm a 50 year old m...
I am constantly aware of my heart beat. My entire life I remember being able to feel my heart beating. My husband says he can't feel hi...
If I am wearing a pulse ox and checking my heart rate and during that time lets say If I get an ectopic beat (Pvc or Pac) will the pulse ...
After a second heart attack I found I had a previously had one and on my left side my aorta was totally blocked but my veins/arteries had...
Need to know what to take for ANGINA ! Allergic to Nytro.
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