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Been taking this since 2010. Valsartin has controlled my BP but is no longer available at the moment. Troble with the manufacturers
Since Renexa has been prescribed to me by my cardiologist, I wasnt having any teeth pounding or chest pain! Lots of stomach pain and nau...
Here is the section of the recent results (7/4/2023) that cause me some concern: LAD: The LAD is a large vessel measuring 3.2 mm proxi...
I have a pacemaker. I have had it for 2-3 years, I can't get my heart rate above 95 even when run in place as hard as I can for 1 minute
Dull Ache at top of left leg/groin area, comes and goes. Feels like it is circulation issue, venous. I do sit too much. Could it be a clot?
Following Cartoid neck artery surgery (left side) to remove plack, 70% blockage has been found by an ultrasound test, 10 months after sur...
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