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About a month ago my heart started skipping beats or pausing, then it will pump hard and go back to normal, this happens through out the ...
My PRT axes# are 64 23 29. I have seen numbers 66 18 44. Why are mine different? Should i be concerned?
10 years ago I had a stent put into my LAD. Everything has been good ever since. In fact for the last 10 years I have been more fit and e...
So I have a couple of uncles who've had heart issues at a relatively young age and I also suffer from extreme health anxiety. So I went a...
Hello, I have recently heard that Niacin is good for lowering cholesterol. Anyone have any experience with this?
While I am only a 33yo male, my entire adult life I have probably hovered between 250lbs and 340lb, last several years of it in the high ...
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