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WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY: This patient support community is for discussions relating to general heart health and topics that are heart-health related such as nutrition, diet, and heart-healthy exercises. Please visit our Heart Disease, Heart Rhythm and Heart Cancer communities for discussions relating to all other cardiovascular disease and treatments.
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I've had weird heart symptoms and anxiety after taking 3 g of leftover amoxicillin. It started with the anxiety and a heavy, fast heart r...
Hello. I have suffered from SVT since I was a teenager. I automatically knew (for some odd reason) that holding my breath and squeezing m...
Hi, my 18 years old daughter have high pulse rate (100) everyday. Even when she is asleep, her pulse is somewhere from 85 to 95.she gets ...
I am a 38 year old Female. I have been getting weird heart beats since my early twenties. I took my pulse with them a few times. It start...
my dad had blockage in his heart and had one stent installed 3 years ago, he is stable since then,i have to buy visitor insurance for hi...
numbness in my left leg after sitting cross legd for an hour how to solve this issue? is this related to circulation if so how it can be...
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