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WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY: This patient support community is for discussions relating to general heart health and topics that are heart-health related such as nutrition, diet, and heart-healthy exercises. Please visit our Heart Disease, Heart Rhythm and Heart Cancer communities for discussions relating to all other cardiovascular disease and treatments.
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I’m a 24 year old male, this has been going on as long as I’ve owned a Fitbit for four years now. No symptoms, I function fine, my heart ...
Most people are aware that having high blood pressure poses health threats and we must work to keep the numbers from rising above the nor...
Okay, I'm curious about some things. I've checked my heart once at a hospital cause I was quite anxious and it was said by the doctor tha...
Left atrium dilated , borderline LVH , minimally dilated aortic root , mild - trace mitral regurgitation , trace pulmonic regurgitation a...
So I have been experiencing heart issues for about three months now. Let me start with saying that I am a 20 year old, active girl. It st...
I got an abnormal ekg at the hospital the other day they said it was “fast” and my discharge papers say atrial rate:108 p-r interva...
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