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Hello everyone, I have an implanted loop recorder to monitor my heart that was originally placed back in 2018 for dizzy spells. I suffer ...
Hello, I'm getting what I call a fluttering sensation in my throat that takes my breath away for a quick second. What would that be?
OK strange question for those of you with pvc's. Do you ever get PVC in the middle of your dreams? Last night I had a rare bought of PV...
So for some days I have pvcs and pacs all day. I know that i have both from previous holters. Anyway I got something strange and I wanted...
So I have ectopic beats and had two holters. In one they only found pvcs. The other had pvcs and pacs. BUT when I saw the ecg strips, I n...
So my husband was diagnosed with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy 9 years ago and I came on to ask several questions at that time. He of cours...
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