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Sometimes when I have a panic attack my heart rapidly switches between 188 and 213 almost at random and my SPO2 levels go from 81-86. The...
I am wondering if anyone has ever felt the following: Almost every night I fall asleep normally only to suddenly wake up 20-30 minutes l...
So I was diagnosed with PVTs a few years ago. Today was an excruciating episode. I have learned over time how to know when one is coming ...
Hello, Thank you for taking the time to look at and answer all of our questions. I was having bronchitis on 10/6/18 and while dri...
Well, this is not a joke I am very serious. I am 25 and have no prior health conditions or positive medical history. Sometimes when I mas...
Hello all :) I had SVT from the age of 13, long and violent episodes. 40 now, and cured. I cut down on all stimulants, started eating sm...
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