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I am continually trying to understand the cause of my arrhythmia. I have noticed that my body position seems to bring it on. Specifical...
25 years male,162 cm,60kg/151lbs,very little exercise,sleeping habits not so good(though a heavy sleeper and sleep twice in 24 hour,one 6...
I have had atrial fib for 20 years. The first 10 were quite difficult with periodic episodes and two hospitalizations. I was on metapropo...
Has anybody here been on a combination of calcium channel blockers and beta blockers to control tachycardia? Did it work well? I'm on a...
The other night I was awoken with my heart pounding and when I took my pulse or attempted to I could feel what was a lumlum very close t...
So my resting heart rate while awake and still for a few minutes is 68-70. I haven’t been sleeping well and the whole time I sleep my ...
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