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I was having random tachy in middle of night, maybe once every 3 months usually with high stress and after a couple of glass of wine tryi...
Bit of History: After my last son was born c-section my heart rhythm changed to a primarily bigeminy heartbeat. I wasn't sure if I need...
my dizziness started last week and started out of no-where i found out tonight that, while moving my eyes left-to-right, I can actually c...
I was recently prescribed 100 mg extended release beta blocker to increase my long time used 50 mg. Is it better to take 50 mg every 12 ...
Any body get pvc's from taking a deep breath. It seems if i am if a unatural postion and i take a dep breath or turn my head i can get ...
i randomly checked my heart rate history today and at one point it went from 90 to 45 to back to normal. i've felt fine all day. i alread...
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