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I am a fifty-four year old female who had a pretty scary arrhythmia episode immediately following orgasm. Got really dizzy and felt like ...
. Wore 14 day monitor 3 events. EP sd 2nd EV block Pacemaker, then changed to rewear device, then to implantable recorder.
I'm 30 yr old male with no comorbidities, social drinker and occasional smoker. I started experiencing missed beats since a week. Underwe...
Has anybody had a-fib symptoms caused by mineral or electrolyte imbalances such as low RBC magnesium and potassium in the lower half of "...
I am wondering if anyone has ever felt the following: Almost every night I fall asleep normally only to suddenly wake up 20-30 minutes l...
Hello all! Am I ever glad I found this site. I'm a newbie but definately not new to these dang pvc's. I was wondering if anyone else has ...
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