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Not a question, just sharing my experiences. I've experienced ectopics , pvcs, flip-flops or whatever you prefer to call them all my ...
I have had PVC's for many years now. I was pretty much dealing with them on a daily basis, until recently they seem to have jumped to a ...
After I felt a palpitation I looked at my tracker and saw low heart rate (41 ) which started coming up again with every beat (not abruptl...
back in june i was going into very frequent runs of Nonsustained VT... at first i felt it but didn't know what it was.. finally it was bo...
If I am wearing a pulse ox and checking my heart rate and during that time lets say If I get an ectopic beat (Pvc or Pac) will the pulse ...
I'm 20 years old and since I was 3 years old I've had faints/mainly seizures. The first time it happened at 3 I had a temperature. Since ...
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