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I've had chronic heartburn for a number of years and its been easily resolved by over the counter antacids. But recently over the past fe...
Hi there,i am female,55 year old,and begining from may 2010 i had intermittent pain under my right rib,more like discomfort and burning s...
Hi,there,I am 55 year old,female,and begining from may/2010 i had intermittent pain under my right rib, more like discomfort,and burning...
Hi, I can seem to get a straight answer. I know Nexium is a relatively new drug, young enough that not all studies can be completed yet....
I had a baby 3 years ago & started having chest pains, shortness of breath, left arm pain. Had a complete heart workup. Jan of this year,...
I have a strange tightness in my chest right below my sternum. I would describe it as the feeling you get when you swallow a chip that mi...
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