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I've had chronic heartburn for a number of years and its been easily resolved by over the counter antacids. But recently over the past fe...
Recently i have been getting this unbearable pressure in my nose and behind my eyes. It even travels to my ears sometimes. Today i felt d...
I was diagnosed with acid reflux 6 days ago and just began taking Protonix(6 days ago). I also take Atenolol twice daily for SVT for the ...
just came from pulmonologist. I went there because I have been experiencing shortness of breath for a month. No heartburn, no funny tast ...
hi every one im new to this , first i been true a lot this month my twins they was really sick and on top of that my mother in law died ,...
I have anxiety caused heartburn. Sometimes though I have a slight exhausted feeling in my chest even if Im not actuve, between anxiety an...
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