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This forum is an un-mediated, patient-to-patient forum for questions and support regarding Hepatitis B. Topics in this forum include but are not limited to, Causes, Diagnosis, Family and Relationships, Living With Hepatitis B, Research Updates, Treatment, Success Stories, Support, Symptoms.
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Hi stef good day. U still there?? I have some question stef about taking tenofovir because i dont know what to do. Im start taking tenofo...
Hi,please @stef2011 and others help me check into this.i was diagnosed for hbv in 2012 but didn't start any treatment because lft was nor...
Is there any of you(hbv) who had Pfizer vaccine? Did you had any side effects?
Where can I get best test & treatment Hepatitis B related test in Mumbai ?
Which is better tenofo b or entecavir? Because my first doctor gave me tenofo b for 3mos and godex ds Sebidn opinion doctor give me on...
Hello I wanted to ask me and wife have been vaccinated for hepatitis b 1) but just to check if we are hepatitis b negative If we...
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