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Hepatitis C: Post Treatment Issues Community

48 weeks peg interferon and ribavirin treatment..while on treatment had to take series of injections to restore white blood cells..also d...
Passed more than 7 months after the successful treatment of my son from hepatitis C, but there were serious side effects that were not be...
I did 12 weeks each of epclusa and vosiver probably spelled wrong is there a third treatment yet July 2018
I recently found a post from someone who had the great idea to try Prednisone. A side effect is lowering your immune system. I believed m...
I successfully went through treatment for Hepatitis C and a found SVR through Harvoni going forward is this considered a pre existing con...
I have had low alk phos since I started treatment and since side effects mimic hep c treatment I have seen others with the same issue j...
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