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This forum is for those who have taken HCV treatment, and have been off treatment for at least 6 months, to discuss any lingering or new health issues that may have been caused by the Hepatitis C virus itself or may be related to treatment for Hepatitis C. Some examples are autoimmune conditions, previous medical conditions exacerbated by the virus or the treatment, liver damage, and inflammation of the joints.
Mine has been consistently a 7 since cured. Which is as good as my doctor or the lab worker drawing my blood. Wondering how others have f...
Hi, Does anyone know about any connection between Hepatitis Disease שמג Rosacea ? I would be happy if you can point me onto papers abou...
My MD is suggesting this for me, it's brand new, (approved Aug 2017) wondering if anyone has started on it yet?
hello, since 2 years i struggled to get beyond the debilitating symptoms of my IFN treatment (which was successfull), though i now se...
I had a biopsy 3 yrs. ago and the result said, necroinflammatory activity score 1, fibrosis score 0-1. Spotty steatosis was noted. I h...
I had a general panel done and my AST and ALT were higher now 6 years after SVR than they were when it was achieved. AST (41) 10-35 nrml...
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