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I’ve been approached by my doctor to start hep c treatment. What are some questions for my doctor that you think will be helpful? Does ...
Hello, Thank you for reading my message. My PCP did my annual physical last week, and my Hepatitis C AB test result came as po...
I had a type of infection on one of my hip scars that started to spew yellow fluid. I was given Amox-Clav antibiotic. It worked, but came...
I went to the beauty center for facial and skin care. They creamed my face and removed the blackheads and white oils from the face. In so...
I tested positive for the hep c antibodies. I tested on June 2016 and it was referred for further testing. The report said Hepatitis C Qu...
Sex with prostitute and HEPITITAS C? How deadly is it? How common is it get it from sex? Also what does 0.05 means from my results for HE...
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