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Hep C Positive test
I have hepc and hiv, gained 85lbs in 6 months
I was in clinic this morning for a sugar test, Nurse drawn the blood used new needle, but she forget to wipe alcohol to my skin bef...
Hep C virus AB >11.0. AST 826. ALT 732 alkaline phosphate 176 not sure what else to include please help thanks in advance
Hello there 45 days ago I experienced unprotected oral and protective vaginal intercourse. I made the hiv duo on the 28th day got nega...
As of June 2018, My HCP Viral Count: >18.8 Million My Fibrosis Score: 4.1 If my viral load is (>18 million) and my fibrosis sc...
If i can remember well i started with itching so intense and whole body in mouth and ears n nose. Followed by flu like symptoms then seve...
We have an exchange student staying with us i might have cleaned up spots of blood like a tiny spot. It looked alittle like cloudy blood ...
I went to wash my boyfriends shirt today and it was drenched in what I thought was a bottle of ammonia. I later realized it was him swea...
Hi I Took my son for a haircut today- the barber cut him with the electrical clippers, the wound is not so big but there is some blood...
I went to the fair and there was blood on sink but touched evrrythjng else barely could wash hands danger? Then i went home and put mouth...
Dear All, Any chance to catch Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C from a barber shop, I can see many contradicting inputs on different site, I ...
WARNING Way too long, sorry Hello, in the Fall of 2007 I was horrified to find out I had HCV My platelets had dropped to 65 when I was ...
I want to know if anyone knows of persons that may have had air-injected immunizations while i the military (vietnam era)? They line up o...
Hello! I’m nurse and I was scratched by my patient’s suturing needle. I sutured the central venous catheter on the skin and was doing the...
I visited the hospital 3 weeks back and after coming back i kept the clothes in a bucket to wash. Yesterday after washing those 3wks old ...
A roommate bled today, but I am not sure if any blood got on his clothes. I don't know him very well yet, so I don't know if he has anyt...
i did hep c treatment 16 year ago, with interferon and rivitol, was just told it may be back. what treatment is most likely now?
I had Fibroscan this morning in and out I was my results were 8.3 is it a good sign or bad sign
They said he has less than a year if he doesn't take the trial. Does anyone know of anyone who has has a successful clinical trial? My hu...
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