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Hi dr Please give me peace of mind.. yesterday I purchased a new navel piercing ring for a 6 year old piercing I sanitized the jewelr...
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hello, everyone I hope someone can help me with this I am really concerned with my boyfriends STI results, one of them was on his Hep C. ...
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Can you get HCV performing cunnilingus on a girl with menstrual blood? There is a high possibility some of the blood went down the throat...
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Hello, I had a HCV rna tma test drawn 13 days post exposure with a superficial needle stick from a hep c patient cured/in remission. My r...
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Hi- About a week ago I got a hair from a new barber. He was using a new razor, but every time hair got stuck in the blade he used h...
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I am a bit confused because different websites are saying different things but exactly how long after exposure should the hep C virus tes...
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Hi everybody, So a few days ago me and one of my friends were talking to each other. I accidentally turned around and the side of my pi...
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I recently suffered a very superficial needlestick with a suture needle. It was barely a prick and left only a speck of blood on my finge...
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My boyfriend has chronic Hepatitis C. I got tested in August 2012 with these results. Hep C Virus Ab <0.1, s/co ratio 0.0-0.9, Negative...
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I am 51 White male Nam vet Hep C end stage cirrhosis child pugh score B. am getting the brain fog problem and can see it getting worse. I...
Anti hcv total anti body Cmia negative anti hcv igm sis sco 3.4 job rna qualitative not detected
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My mother has only now been diagnosed with hep c But it would've been contracted over 30 years ago It has been dormant, and only now sh...
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I was tested for Anti-HCV, results:low reactive (ELISA). I was again tested for Anti-HCV 2 months after the first, the results: negative ...
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So i was at a home of someone who has hepc and hiv and i snorted subutex at his house i used a paper out of his notebook the paper looked...
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I live in all womens shelter and I have hep c. Can my roommates get hep c from sharing the same shower as me. I do try to wash off all th...
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Does anybody know if taking selenium, milk thistle, and alfa lipoic acid can be harmful while on interferon and ribavirin treatment? Whil...
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I am 32 and about 40lbs overweight. I recently had my gallbladder removed due to a large stone. When they did the ultrasound on my abdome...
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I had a blood test taken a year ago regarding a needle stick injury at work. The hep c antibody came out positive but the hep c rna came ...
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A month ago I met a girl in one of my University classes and eventually we started to hang out more and more. Long story short we started...
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What is a window period hepatitis B and hepatitis C what is a good to for test and sure results
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