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If you have medical questions about hepatitis, please post in one of our hepatitis communities ( Hep A , Hep B , Hep C or Hep-autoimmune ).
Hi guys, its been a while but like others I am back for one more post. I have been SVR for over three years from the triple with incivek ...
Has anyone experienced a problem with using Nioxin for the hair loss, causing skin irritation and redness and itching. I wash my hair in...
The liver doctor in Las Vegas who was my doctor for 14 years prior to my liver transplant said something I need everyone's opinion on. Be...
Hi everybody. I hope all of you are well and SVR. I go for my one year post treatment appointment next Tues. And in case you missed it, ...
I have issues with a frozen shoulder and the ortho recommended it to me. But i was worried it would affect my hepB
Susan400 kept doing TX after TX, but now, after 13 times, I am undetected 3 mon post TX. woo hoo, yippee! The drug that cleared me was ...
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