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Hello dear doctor.i have some questions regarding the hepatitis B.C and i'm sure you are going to answer them with pure honestly as u a...
Dear Hepatitis Researcher, I am writing in hopes that you may be able to help me identify locations where I may be able to obtain a Fi...
Hi I just had a full blood test few weeks ago. My DR called me few days ago telling me that one of my liver enzymes is slightly higher...
I go to a small barbershop and I was there at 9am sharp just at opening. The barber seemed rushed to get me started and I did not see the...
hi doctor. I tested twice for hep c. once in january 23rd 2012 and it was negative.and second one was on march 20 and the result was ...
Many thanks Doctor for your kind support . I will do the the PCR after 4 Weeks , but as i am out of Egypt , the PCR is difficult & expe...
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