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A group to compile natural remedies for various health issues.
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Sorry any European members here but you better run in and grab your herbal remedies while you can. that includes St john's wart, and Echi...
Anyone got a remedy for anxiety? The prescription drugs are not helping.
I tried cats claw once and it made me feel so bad after 3 days I stopped taking it, maybe I should have persevered, I hear Olive leaf is ...
I want to start taking iodine , I have had the one with liquid kelp but I dont think thats as good as some, would you have any ideas rega...
Diabetes · Reduce weight. · A high fibre diet, especially water-soluble fibre as found in oat bran, beans, nuts, seed...
Cabbage Cabbage: Use cabbage to help heal insect bites, burns or boils, and varicose veins. A dressing of crushed cabbage leaves, ...
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