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Hernia Community

Is it possible to have a hernia with no buldge, and could that hernia make you feel sick and give you lower back pain
Hello I went to a walk-in and the PA sent me for a sonogram which confirmed the hernia. what kind of specialist should I consult to int...
I think I might have a hernia. I noticed I feel sick several times during the day. I am thinking it has to do with eating. Today I am goi...
I am a 61 year old male. I think I might have a hernia. I am going for an ultrasound in 2 weeks. I am on vacation out of the country with...
Had Bilateral inguinal hernia surgery 2.5 weeks ago. The right side of my groin is has been numb since I came home from hospital. Like ...
Hi... I had a open op for a small hernia 2 weeks ago but still have a lot of pain and soreness... The pain from cut/op area is getting be...
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