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Hello all. Background info- 39 yr old female. So a couple months ago I went to a wellness clinic at work and my bp read at 200/106. I had...
Hello I’m 28 years old, I’m active and workout once a day around an hour. (No pre workouts) I was put on bp meds when I was 22 yrs old du...
I thought I submitted this, but not seeing that in my account? Anyway, I'm 70 and have had declining kidney function (creatinine from 1....
Is this pulse rate too low ?
Best natural supplement for lowering systolic blood pressure. I’m 27 yrs old and mine is always high even with the 3 different blood pres...
Has anyone experienced blood pressure of over 280 close to 300? Could you please share what you were feeling at the time, all your sympto...
Started on a diuretic to lower my pressure but heard hibiscus tea can help. I started this week. Hoping to see a positive change.
I have not during my lifetime had much trouble with side affects, but meds for my blood pressure seem to do me in. Doctors keep changing...
Turmeric, lavender etc
Some references said that cilnidipine 10 mg is equivalent to amlodipine 5 mg tablet. Is there any article/journal regarding this dose??
My blood pressure today was 140/78. My Dr said we will monitor it and may need medicine if I can't lower it. Its normally lower so I'll d...
I crave sodium all the time, but do not know why. I am already borderline Hypertensive and take medication. So, that makes me wonder why ...
I tried to post this before but don't see it so I am trying again. I am an 83 year old woman feeling great and energetic but recently be...
I'm taking over the counter allergy medication.
Hi everyone. Does anyone have advice regarding labile hypertension? I have severe white coat and am a generally anxious person. While I'v...
Blood pressure is always on the rise in the African American community.

How do I stop my meds

AH_1018394674946244705_486_14External User
I don't want to take them any more
my husband has recently been diagnosed with paroxysmal Afib. He has been taking Lisinopril for high blood pressure a little over a year....
Going to the doctor makes my blood pressure go up.
I received a notice in the mail regarding this hypertensive medication that I have been taking for quite some time. Apparently some batch...
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