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My blood pressure today was 140/78. My Dr said we will monitor it and may need medicine if I can't lower it. Its normally lower so I'll d...
Some references said that cilnidipine 10 mg is equivalent to amlodipine 5 mg tablet. Is there any article/journal regarding this dose??
I crave sodium all the time, but do not know why. I am already borderline Hypertensive and take medication. So, that makes me wonder why ...
I tried to post this before but don't see it so I am trying again. I am an 83 year old woman feeling great and energetic but recently be...
I'm taking over the counter allergy medication.
Hi everyone. Does anyone have advice regarding labile hypertension? I have severe white coat and am a generally anxious person. While I'v...
Blood pressure is always on the rise in the African American community.

How do I stop my meds

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I don't want to take them any more
my husband has recently been diagnosed with paroxysmal Afib. He has been taking Lisinopril for high blood pressure a little over a year....
Going to the doctor makes my blood pressure go up.
Best natural supplement for lowering systolic blood pressure. I’m 27 yrs old and mine is always high even with the 3 different blood pres...
I received a notice in the mail regarding this hypertensive medication that I have been taking for quite some time. Apparently some batch...
Hello all. Background info- 39 yr old female. So a couple months ago I went to a wellness clinic at work and my bp read at 200/106. I had...
My blood pressure has been high for years even when taking medication. It does fluctuate and at times the pressure is normal.
I have an intra-renal aneurism on my aorta (3.5 cm, they said) ... My blood pressure is well-controlled with Amlodipine and Lisinopril b...

Eating a small amount elevate blood pressure

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I know that salt is good for cramp. I have cramp in the back of my legs and when I eat some salt the cramp leave.
I have researched monitors for blood pressure. There are so many on the market. I am now confused.
seems like every time I go to my dr its always up
Hi All, I am 41, male. Had been taking low dose of hypertension pill for last 5 years. My doctor has recently doubled my dose as the ...
Is there anyone here that’s older 40+ that’s had hypertension at an early adult hood, or teenage years through life? If so what’s your ag...
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