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My blood pressure has been high for years even when taking medication. It does fluctuate and at times the pressure is normal.
I have an intra-renal aneurism on my aorta (3.5 cm, they said) ... My blood pressure is well-controlled with Amlodipine and Lisinopril b...

Eating a small amount elevate blood pressure

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I know that salt is good for cramp. I have cramp in the back of my legs and when I eat some salt the cramp leave.
I have researched monitors for blood pressure. There are so many on the market. I am now confused.
seems like every time I go to my dr its always up
Hi All, I am 41, male. Had been taking low dose of hypertension pill for last 5 years. My doctor has recently doubled my dose as the ...
Is there anyone here that’s older 40+ that’s had hypertension at an early adult hood, or teenage years through life? If so what’s your ag...
I take my blood pressure using a wrist cuff "Life Source" device and my blood pressure varies considerably during the day. I try to sit d...
He is currently taking Lisinapril/HCTZ 20-12.5
I wanted to know which foods I should not eat if I have high blood pressure.
I have palpitations irregularly with no diagnosis. I have had multiple cardiac workups and no evidence of a condition associated with it.
Back in June, I had a feeling of my heartbeat on my neck when I tried to sleep. I went to the doctors and I had high blood pressure. I we...
Does anyone else notice BP elevation after IUD insertion? I started on IUD since 8/1/2018 (3 months ago). My BP has been averaging 130/...
I am on 20mg of Losartan and diagnosed with pre-metabolic syndrome. Anyone else in a similar shape and has some success tips for be healt...
Has anyone experienced this. I am 95% sure it’s causing hair thinning on the top. Never have experienced anything like this until I start...
Because I know I don't drink enough water.
I’m 27 yrs old I’ve been diagnosed with hypertension and LVH of 1.5 thickness two years ago. Ive been on meds 3-4 different types for som...
Start of the year put about 30lbs on with comfort eating/drinking rubbish and for about 12 weeks have had pains come and go in chest asw...
I am a 43 year old man, non smoker, rare drinker who is otherwise a healthy guy. I am not overweight and would consider myself to be abov...
I am tired a lot of time just wondered if Hypertension would do this to you.
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